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Reference Guides

Nitty-gritty technical descriptions of how Gatsby works. Most useful when you need detailed information about Gatsby's APIs.

Local Development

3 articles

Browse CLI commands like gatsby build and gatsby develop and typical folders and files you'll see inside a Gatsby project.

  • Gatsby Project Structure
  • Gatsby CLI commands
  • Fast Refresh

Built-in React Components

2 articles

Gatsby Link and the Gatsby Image plugin are drop-in components that improve your site's performance and users' experience.


2 articles

Generate templated pages like blog posts or products with file system routing.

Config Files

2 articles

Inside its configuration files, Gatsby provides a rich set of lifecycle APIs to hook into its bootstrap, build, and client runtime operations. They allow sourcing data, creating pages, and customizing generated HTML pages.


3 articles

Functions let you build dynamic applications without running servers. Submit forms, authenticate users, securely connect to external services, build GraphQL/REST APIs, and more.

GraphQL Data Layer

4 articles

APIs for querying your data (PageQuery, StaticQuery, Fragments) and specifying your GraphQL schema (schema customization).

  • GraphQL Query API
  • GraphQL Query Options Reference
  • Customizing the GraphQL Schema
  • See all 4

Rendering Options

2 articles

Use rendering options to tell Gatsby when to build specific pages for your site. Choose between Static Site Generation, Deferred Static Generation, or Server-Side Rendering.

Release Notes

33 articles

Find release notes and guides on how to upgrade Gatsby along with third-party packages.

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