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Using the GraphQL Playground


This page will introduce you to an alternative to the current IDE for your GraphQL queries: GraphQL Playground.

What is Prisma’s GraphQL Playground?

GraphQL Playground is a way for you to interact with the data your sources and plugins add as schemas. You will be interacting with this data a lot and the Playground will help you greatly with exploring this data.

Accessing the playground

To access this experimental feature utilizing GraphQL Playground with Gatsby, add GATSBY_GRAPHQL_IDE to your develop script in your package.json, like this:

If you are on Windows then you should use:

If you haven’t installed cross-env, you can do it with:

Use npm run develop instead of gatsby develop and access it when the development server is running on http://localhost:8000/___graphql

To still be able to use gatsby develop you would require the dotenv package to your gatsby-config.js file and add an environment variable file, typically called .env.development. Finally, add GATSBY_GRAPHQL_IDE=playground to the .env.development file.

An image pointing out where to find the GraphQL schema

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