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Take a deep dive into the fastest Gatsby, yet: Gatsby 5!

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Gatsby v4 for Agencies

Learn to leverage Gatsby 4 to build highly scalable and performant sites for your clients

Gatsby 4 is a significant update to the Gatsby Framework that gives you the ability to control when page data is generated, opening up a whole new web of possibilities.

As an agency, that means you can now take on larger, more complex projects with Gatsby and Gatsby Cloud with complete confidence.

Watch this training session to see how Gatsby can help grow your agency with use cases like A/B testing, personalization, and cover all the other little details of Gatsby 4:

  • Static-Site Generation: A page generation strategy that puts the performance tax at build time rather than run time.

  • Server-Side Rendering: A page generation strategy that puts the performance tax on the site visitor at run-time rather than the developer at build time.

  • Deferred Static Generation: Our new method of deferring the generation of parts of a build that allows developers to choose which pages get taxed at build, and which get taxed run time.

  • Parallel query running: The ability to run multiple queries simultaneously to help speed up the process.

  • And much more: Huge enhancements to CMS previews, new features unlocked by React 18, and Node 14 updates.


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