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Take a deep dive into the fastest Gatsby, yet: Gatsby 5!

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Learn How Gatsby Can Supercharge Your WordPress Website

See how our new WordPress integration boosts Lighthouse scores and search rankings while reducing security vulnerabilities and hosting costs.

Have you ever wanted your WordPress website to go a little faster, be a bit more secure, or just need it to have that one additional feature?

See how Gatsby can supercharge your WordPress website with the launch of our new WordPress integration. Developers and Marketers can now unite and built amazing experiences with the tools they love - Javascript, Git, APIs, and yes…even WordPress.

In this on demand video you’ll learn:

  • Under the hood details of our WordPress Integration (hint: it’s a lot of GraphQL!)
  • How to leverage your WordPress content in a Gatsby website
  • Just how much faster your website could be


  • Jack Sellwood - Senior Product Manager, Gatsby
  • Hashim Warren - Senior Product Marketer, Gatsby

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