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v3.3 Release Notes

Welcome to gatsby@3.3.0 release (April 2021 #1)

Key highlights of this release:

Also check out notable bugfixes.

Bleeding Edge: Want to try new features as soon as possible? Install gatsby@next and let us know if you have any issues.

Previous release notes

Full changelog

Performance optimizations

Faster JS bundling

This release adds memoization of babel loader options. It significantly reduces the overhead in JS compilation step. With our sample site we saw a speed-up in JS bundling up to 30-40%

Note: this improvement only affects JS bundling, so if you use other heavy transformations (CSS-in-JS, Mdx, etc), you will likely see modest improvements.

Original PR

Lower peak memory usage

This release restricts concurrency of html-file generation which can greatly reduce memory and disk pressure and decrease spikes in memory usage — especially for sites with many 100s+ pages and large page-data.json files. With our example site we saw a decrease in peak memory usage from ~3.5 GB to ~1.7 GB (without negative effects to build time).

Original PR

Upgrade to the latest remark

Remark has had a significant major upgrade recently (version 13) and changed the underlying parser. The ecosystem has almost caught up since then, so we’ve decided to release new major versions of all our remark plugins.

The following plugins are now fully compatible with remark@13:

  • gatsby-transformer-remark@4.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-autolink-headers@4.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-code-repls@5.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-copy-linked-files@4.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-embed-snippet@6.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-graphviz@3.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-images-contentful@4.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-images@5.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-katex@5.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-prismjs@5.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-responsive-iframe@4.0.0
  • gatsby-remark-smartypants@4.0.0

We’ve tried to make the migration effortless and non-breaking (just update the dependencies) but there are subtle differences in HTML output caused by the new remark parser. We’ve identified and listed the most common differences in this discussion (if you spot other notable changes - please comment there!)

Also check out remark changelog, specifically the section: “Changes to output / the tree”.

Incompatible plugin: gatsby-remark-custom-blocks

The only plugin provided by Gatsby that is not compatible yet with remark@13 is gatsby-remark-custom-blocks. This plugin relies on the upstream remark plugin remark-custom-blocks which is itself not compatible with remark@13 yet.

The work on updating it is in progress though, and as soon as it is finished we will publish the new major version for our plugin as well.

In the meantime if you use this plugin you can just wait when it’s ready or modify your markdown and switch to another syntax. Remark authors suggest using remark-directive as an alternative. Use to-gatsby-remark-plugin package to convert it to Gatsby remark plugin.

Upgrade to the latest sharp

Check out Sharp changelog for a full list of changes.

The most important highlights of the new release:

  • Smaller install size
  • Supports Mac M1: now uses prebuilt libvips binaries for M1 Macs
  • Includes buil-in image optimization (unlocks future perf improvements in Gatsby)

Original PR

Bugfixes in gatsby-plugin-image@1.3.0

  • Fix a bug that caused errors in third party packages that access the global object
  • Fix a bug that prevented draggable="false" being set on the GatsbyImage component
  • Fix a bug that caused blurred previews to be generated at the wrong aspect ratio
  • Fix a bug that prevented lazy-loaded images displaying in Safari
  • Fix a bug that caused duplicate type errors when using Contentful images with other plugins that implement images

Notable bugfixes & improvements

  • Fixed invalid query results in cached builds PR #30594
  • Schema customization: merge fields of interfaces defined by multiple plugins PR #30501
  • Fix for IE11: add dom collections to polyfills PR #30483


A big Thank You to our community who contributed to this release 💜

  • JobenM: fix(gatsby-plugin-mdx): timeToRead returns NaN when word count is 0 PR #30489

  • axe312ger

    • fix(gatsby-source-contentful): Improve network error handling PR #30257
    • chore(contentful): create compiled files in dist instead of . PR #30414
    • fix(examples): Update using-contentful to use gatsby-plugin-image PR #29526
    • build(using-contentful): add missing sharp dependency PR #30546
    • feat(gatsby-source-contentful): Increase Contentful sync by up to 10x PR #30422
    • fix(contentful): set proper defaults for gatsby-plugin-image PR #30536
    • feat(gatsby-source-contentful): update docs and improve errors PR #30538
    • fix(gatsby-source-contentful): Contentful page limit backoff PR #30549
    • fix(contentful): ensure fragments are properly distributed PR #30555
    • fix(using-contentful): clean up dependencies PR #30556
    • fix(contentful): make gatsby-plugin-image a peer dependency PR #30709
  • ridem: fix(gatsby-plugin-netlify-cms): Don’t use StaticQueryMapper PR #30599

  • Nurou: chore(gatsby-source-wordpress): Link to source WP plugin PR #30645

  • baker-jr-john: chore(docs): Update how-gatsby-works-with-github-pages PR #30630

  • cametumbling

    • chore(docs): Add link to part 8 tutorial PR #30604
    • chore(docs): Update wording of tutorial part 8 PR #30606
  • nategiraudeau: fix(gatsby-example-using-remark) fix broken example for typescript users PR #30505

  • AntonNiklasson: chore(docs): include autoprefixer in tailwind install command PR #30718

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